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Achieving the Promise

With a national expectation of accessibility and full participation clearly established by the ADA, we have seen an explosion of tools and technology to assist people with a wide range of disabilities; advances in the accessibility of health care and greater recognition of the equal rights of people with disabilities to receive both life-saving and routine care; and schools, workplaces, and recreational activities are more inclusive than ever before of the approximately sixty-one million Americans with disabilities.

Tools and Tech

We all use tools to make our lives easier, and technological advancements have given all of us the ability to do things we could not do on our own. For many people with disabilities, tools and technology are rapidly expanding opportunities for inclusion and independence. Learn more

Health Care

People with disabilities often face barriers to accessing health care: inaccessible facilities and equipment can literally prevent access; inaccurate assumptions can lead doctors to offer fewer or less aggressive options; and in extreme – but not rare – cases, people are denied care because of their disabilities. HHS is tackling this in multiple ways, and there have been many advances in physical accessibility, as well. Learn more

Learn, Work, and Play

Communities are strongest when everyone can contribute, and everyone benefits when everyone is included from early childhood throughout our lives. Across the United States, communities are changing to be more inclusive of people with disabilities – in schools, workplaces, sports and other recreational activities, the arts, and more. Learn more

Last modified on 07/25/2020

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