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You should consider these questions as you plan:

  • What are your values and beliefs? When developing an advance care plan, consider your concerns, values, spiritual beliefs, or your ideas about what makes life worth living. A variety of user friendly publications and guides on advance health care are available at the American Bar Association.
  • What do you want for yourself? Most people think about the way they wish to face death or disability but may be uncomfortable discussing these topics. Sometimes sharing your own ideas, if you are helping someone, or reviewing the situations of other family members or friends who have been in similar situations, can help
  • Who do you want as your decision maker? Decide who should make decisions for you if you cannot. Choose someone who will understand and be able to carry out your wishes even if they include stopping life-sustaining treatment. You should also name a back-up agent to make decisions, in case the first person is not able to do so.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has developed a series of guides on financial caregiving, including resource on financial caregiving options and a Power of Attorney guide.

Last modified on 07/15/2023