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Badges, Postcard & Other Artwork

Web Ads/Badges

Download these OAM images (.zip, 72KB) to advertise the observance online.

OAM Theme ad   OAM Small Ad

OAM Leaderboard: Icon, theme, hashtag

OAM Leaderboard: Logo & Theme



Use a postcard (PDF, 5.4MB) for mailings, invitations, or other promotions.

Connect, Create, Contribute Postcard


Button & Banner Artwork

Connect, Create, Contribute ArtThe button artwork (PDF, 5.3MB) is formatted for a 1.75” round lapel button and the banner artwork (PDF, 5.7MB) is formatted for a 3’x4’ sign or hanging banner. Both are scalable to any size without degradation.


Last modified on 06/04/2019

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