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Connecting the housing sector and the community living networks

The Housing and Services Resource Center was created to serve people working in organizations and systems that provide housing, homelessness, health, independent living, and other supportive services that help people live successfully and stably in the community. This site offers information and tools for developing cross-sector partnerships, fostering community collaboration, and using innovative strategies.

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Focus Areas

Explore accessible, affordable, fair housing; homelessness; supportive services; tribal housing; and transitions

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Use these guides, examples, practices, and more to help you build, adapt, and grow partnerships across sectors


Find tools to support action, including data, reports, directories, training, toolkits, and funding information

What's New

Check this page regularly for our latest news and updates on webinars, tools, and technical assistance


The Center is part of a partnership between the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to make community living a reality for all. This partnership will expand accessible, affordable housing; help people exit homelessness; improve home and community-based services; and address the institutional bias in America's long-term care system.


Housing and Services Partnership Accelerator (Accelerator) States Announced

HHS and HUD announced the eight states and DC that will participate in the Housing and Services Partnership Accelerator. The Accelerator is an HSRC opportunity for states to strengthen their state Medicaid agency collaboration with agencies providing housing, aging and disability resources and programs. 

Service Coordination Partnerships Toolkit

Initial offerings in this new HSRC toolkit assist community and state leaders with forming cross-sector partnerships to expand access to service coordination. These partnerships can braid funding streams to support sustainability. Service Coordination Partnership Toolkit

Last modified on 05/14/2024

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