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Models and Partnerships

Cross-sector partnerships are vital to meeting the need for increased affordable and accessible housing, access to voluntary community services, ending homelessness, and assisting with transitions out of institutions. Local and state governments, housing authorities, community-based organizations, health systems, and private organizations are increasingly working with the disability and aging networks to enhance housing options. Using cross-sector partnerships to address housing as a social determinant of health can drive innovation, leverage multiple funding streams, and advance equity.


Replicate or adapt these models from disability, aging, health, and housing partnerships to improve options for community living.

HSRC-Featured Cross-Sector Partnerships

Use these two-page snapshots to learn about various aging, disability, health, and housing partnerships featured by the Housing and Services Resource Center (HSRC) in events.


Use these tools, guides, and other resources that help organizations form and grow housing and voluntary services partnerships across sectors.

Last modified on 04/02/2024

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