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Risk for experiencing homelessness increases when individuals have problems with finding and securing accessible, affordable housing and accessing voluntary community services. People with disabilities are more likely to experience homelessness, and researchers project the number of older people who are homeless will continue to rise.

The health, well-being, and functioning of people with disabilities and older adults is closely linked to having a safe, stable place to call home where they receive or access optional services that address social, behavioral health, and physical needs.

Partnerships among homelessness assistance agencies, the disability and aging networks, and the housing sector can help reduce risk and swiftly transition people who are experiencing homelessness into more stable housing and increase their access to voluntary services.

New (or Recently Modified) Programs

The links below provide information about some new or recently modified programs that are addressing homelessness. By learning about these programs, state, tribal, and local leaders can begin to identify opportunities to collaborate with other sectors to prevent homelessness and help people become stably housed with access to voluntary services

Core Knowledge and Solutions for Homelessness

The links below provide information about evidence-based practices and strategies for addressing homelessness for people with disabilities and older adults. Some build core knowledge about this topic, and others have programs and best practices to prevent and address homelessness. State, tribal, and local leaders can use this information to identify opportunities to collaborate with other sectors.

To support action on enhancing access to services, also visit our collections of tools and model practices and partnerships.

Last modified on 05/02/2024

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