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Webinar Materials: Improving and Expanding Community Living Options for People with I/DD Series

ACL recognizes that safe, accessible, and affordable housing that is integrated in the community is a vital component for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) to live and participate in their communities. Community-based housing options are extremely limited for people with I/DD, and almost 70% still live with their families. To improve and expand community living options, it is important to understand the barriers to housing and housing needs for people with I/DD. 

ACL is hosting a three-part series on community-based housing options for people with I/DD. The webinars will explore barriers people with I/DD face in securing housing; highlight the limited range of housing options; and feature innovative strategies, resources, partners, and funding streams to help create more housing options for people with I/DD. The series will center the perspectives and experience of individuals with I/DD. The target audience for the series is broad and includes state disability and housing state agencies, providers, and advocates — plus researchers, individuals with I/DD, and families. 

Webinar 1: Community Living Housing Options for People with I/DD: Perspective on Barriers and Solutions

March 29, 2023

This webinar provided:

  • A baseline understanding of the unique barriers people with I/DD face in getting housing in the community and their specific housing needs.
  • Information on a broad array of federal, state, and local programs and partnerships to address housing barriers and needs.
  • An opportunity to learn from the experiences and successes of self-advocates navigating barriers to secure accessible and affordable housing in the community.

Webinar Materials:

Webinar 2: Beyond Group Homes Webinar: How States Have Successfully Housed People with I/DD

This May 11, 2023 webinar featured speakers from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) programs, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and a self-advocate who provided an overview of:

  • Three HUD programs and one CMS program that advance community living for people with I/DD.
  • How one state has made good use of these resources to create more community-based housing options. 
  • A self-advocate’s success story to getting housing in the community.

View the webinar recording and slides.

Webinar 3: Innovators Share Strategies to Advance Inclusive and Integrated Housing and Supports for People with I/DD

This September 22, 2023 webinar introduced innovative, replicable housing models that support full inclusion and integration of people with I/DD into their community. Stakeholders discussed how they brought these models to their communities, and a self-advocate shared personal experiences. Webinar materials will be posted when they are available. 

Webinar materials:

View the webinar recording and slides.


Last modified on 12/21/2023

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