New FAQ on Independent Living Services for Children and Youth with Disabilities

May 18, 2017
Bob Williams, Director of the Independent Living Administration

Dear Colleagues,

ACL is pleased to announce the release of Frequently Asked Questions on Independent Living Services for Children and Youth with Disabilities (Youth Services FAQ), which was developed in response to questions from grantees about the  provisions for transitions of youth  included in the  Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (WIOA).

WIOA added new “core services” to the missions of centers for independent living that include the transition of youth and young adults with disabilities to postsecondary life once they are no longer receiving a secondary education.  WIOA defines youth with a disability to mean “an individual with a disability who is not younger than 14 years of age; and is not older than 24 years of age.”  ACL adopted this definition in the final IL regulation.

The Youth Services FAQ is intended to help explain this new core service and provide clarification to grantees about reporting of services provided to youth, which may differ depending on their eligibility for the new services or for other independent living services.  We hope it will help centers for independent living design and provide these new core services.  If you have specific questions regarding the implementation or reporting of youth services please contact the ILA project officer for your state.

Thank you, 

Bob Williams

Director, Independent Living Administration


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Last modified on 05/18/2017

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