Ready-to-Publish Articles, Fact Sheets, and Infographics

Ready-to-Publish Articles

These "evergreen" articles can be used in your publications and websites. Where possible, please credit  the Administration for Community Living (and include a link back to!)   

Topic Title Download 
Caregivers Caring for YOUR Nutrition by ACL’s National Nutritionist Judy Simon PDF (241KB)
Caregivers Feeding Your Loved One: Tips for Caregivers by ACL’s National Nutritionist Judy Simon PDF (342KB)
Assistive Technology Assistive Technology: Tools to improve the everyday Word (27KB)
Staying Engaged Engage Virtually: Tips for Keeping Connected While Apart Word (33KB)
Falls Prevention Improvements for Independence: Modifications designed to prevent falls  Word (27KB)
Falls Prevention Taking Steps to Prevent Falls Word (31KB)
Staying Engaged Giving to the Next Generation Word (23KB)
Medication Safety Prescription for a Healthy Holiday: Tips to safeguard your medicines Word (23KB)
Long-Term Care Why Everyone Should Plan for Long-Term Care Word (29KB)
Emergency Preparedness Preparing an Emergency Plan for Your Unique Needs Word (47KB)
Civil Rights Knowledge is Power: Understanding the Rights of Nursing Home Residents  Word (101KB)
Medicare Fraud Protect, Detect, and Report: Three steps to guard against Medicare fraud Word (25KB)
Medicare Fraud Beware of a Growing Medicare Scam: "Free Genetic Testing" Word (28KB)
Medicare Enrollment Medicare Open Enrollment 101 - Know Your Options and Get Free Help Word (24KB)


About ACL 

Title Download 
Administration for Community Living - An overview Word (140KB)

Community Living: What it is, how ACL supports it. (Infographic)

Download for printing in two sizes, with graphics that reflect city, suburban, and rural communities.


8x10 inch format:  City   Suburb  Rural

11x17 inch format: City  Suburb   Rural

ACL's Commitment: Community Living for All PDF (69KB)
Centers for Independent Living Make Community Living Possible (infographic) PDF (1136KB)
About the Administration on Aging  PDF (468KB)

Information about ACL Programs 

Title Download 
State Councils on Development Disabilities PDF (407KB)
Help America Vote Act PDF (463KB)
Protection and Advocacy Systems PDF (458KB)
President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities PDF (464KB)
Projects of National Significance PDF (475KB)
University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Service PDF (432KB)
Aging and Disability Resource Centers in a No Wrong Door System PDF (652KB)
Alzheimer's Disease Supportive Services Program (ADSSP) PDF (414KB)
American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian Program PDF (212KB)
LifeSpan Respite Care Program PDF (226KB)
Long Term Care Ombudsman PDF (210KB)
National Education and Resource Center on Women and Retirement Planning PDF (300KB)

Nutrition Program Infographics (2019 Nutrition Month)

Older Americans Act Nutrition Programs PDF (590KB)
Older Adult Behavioral Health PDF (177KB)
Pension Counseling and Information Projects PDF (228KB)
Protecting America's Seniors: The Elder Abuse Prevention Interventions Program PDF (296KB)

For Older Adults, People with Disabilities, and/or Caregivers

Fact Sheet Title Download 
10 Warning Signs Your Older Family Member May Need Help PDF (188KB)
A Talk With An Elder Driver PDF (249KB)
Adult Day Care PDF (271KB)
Alzheimer’s Disease PDF (252KB)
Assisted Living PDF (318KB)
Caring for Someone with Developmental Disabilities PDF (294KB)
Challenges of Global Aging PDF (280KB)
Communicating Better with Health Professionals PDF (295KB)
Elder Rights: Safeguards for the Most Vulnerable Among Us Fact Sheets PDF (270KB)
Face the Facts: Topics to Discuss Now with Your Aging Parents PDF (321KB)
Government Housing Assistance PDF (275KB)
Home Health Care PDF (260KB)
Home Modifications PDF (307KB)
Hospice Care PDF (252KB)
Medicines and You: A Guide for Older Adults PDF (339KB)
HIV: Know the RISKS. Get the FACTS PDF (237KB)
Taking Care of Yourself PDF (276KB)
Working Caregivers Finding a Balance PDF (293KB)

Healthy Living Tips for Older Adults

Healthy Living Tips provide information on a range of issues often faced by older adults and their caregivers.

Tip Title Download Print Version
Caregiver Survival Tips PDF (681KB)
Family Caregivers and Driving Retirement: Tips for Planning Ahead PDF (417KB)
Family Caregivers and Transportation: A Few Survival Tips PDF (847KB)
Get Set for a Healthy Summer PDF (621KB)
How Do You Know When It's Time to Give Up the Keys? PDF (612KB)
Stay Safe on the Road: Tips for Older Drivers PDF (355KB)
Staying Healthy During the Winter PDF (852KB)
Transportation Choices to Keep You Mobile PDF (792KB)

Emergency Preparedness

Resource Download Print Version
Emergency Preparedness Poster/Infographic: Provides essential tips and preparedness steps for older adults and people with disabilities. PDF
Medical Information Card: Captures vital information that emergency and medical personnel should know during a crisis. PDF
Communication Assistance Card: Helps first responders to assist someone whose disability may make it difficult for them to communicate their needs. PDF

(Historic) Annual Reports and Reports to Congress

Publication Title Download 
OAA Report to Congress: 2015 DOCX (283KB)
AoA Annual Report: 2013 PDF (712KB)
AoA Annual Report: 2012 PDF (667KB)
AoA Annual Report: 2011 PDF (1.01MB)
AoA Annual Report: 2010 PDF (646KB)
AoA Annual Report: 2009 PDF (554KB)
Older Americans 2012: Key Indicators of Well-Being Available at
AIDD Biennial Report to Congress: FY 2009–FY 2010 PDF (544KB)
HAVA Report to Congress: FY 2009–FY 2010 PDF (140KB)

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