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Model Systems Program


NIDILRR’s Model Systems programs in spinal cord injury (SCIMS), traumatic brain injury (TBIMS), and burn injury (BMS) provide coordinated systems of rehabilitation care and conduct research on recovery and long-term outcomes. In addition, these centers serve as platforms for collaborative, multi-site research, including research on interventions using randomized controlled approaches. The programs also track Model Systems patients over time in large databases.

How to Apply

  • Eligible applicants are institutions of higher education, nonprofit organizations, and other organizations and/or agencies.

  • View a list of NIDILRR funding opportunities and application kits. Note: After clicking this link, all of NIDILRR’s funding opportunities for all of its grant programs are displayed. To limit the funding opportunities to Burn Model System Centers, type “burn” in the Keyword(s) text box. Then hit the “search button”.  For Spinal Cord Injury Model System funding opportunities type “sci” in the Keyword(s) text box. And for Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems, type “tbi” in the Keyword(s) text box. 

  • As a rough guideline, check the preceding link between October and April every year.

  • View the Guide to Applying for some helpful application tips.



Contact Cate Miller at NIDILRR if you have questions about the Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems.

Contact Amanda Reichard at NIDILRR if you have questions about the Burn Model Systems.

Contact Brian Bard at NIDILRR if you have questions about the Spinal Cord Injury Model Systems.

Contact Kenneth Wood at NIDILRR if you have questions about the Model Systems' National Data Centers.

Last modified on 10/02/2023

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