Advancing Care for Holocaust Survivors, Older Adults with a History of Trauma, and Their Family Caregivers

ACL awarded The Jewish Federation of North America (JFNA) a grant to develop innovations in person-centered, trauma informed (PCTI) care for Holocaust survivors and their family caregivers in 2015. More than 400 PCTI programs have been implemented to promote the health and well-being of Holocaust survivors and the family members who care for them since that time. This capacity resulted from additional philanthropic funds in combination with a national PCTI capacity building initiative.  

As time progressed, JFNA developed an increased awareness of the prevalence and impact of trauma in the lives of older adults and a recognition that the lessons learned from these PCTI programs could benefit other older adults, In 2020, ACL awarded JFNA a new grant to expand PCTI services for other older adults with a history of trauma and their family caregivers. In addition to Holocaust survivors, target populations for this grant also included older veterans and first responders; older adults who are refugees and victims of war, crime, domestic violence, and natural disasters; older adults who have experienced racial, economic, and gender discrimination; and family caregivers of all these groups. JFNA’s goal is to work with nonprofit agencies across the country on developing and sharing PCTI innovations for all these populations. 

They are working to ensure that Holocaust survivors, older adults with a history of trauma, and their family caregivers can receive PCTI services to promote their strength, resilience, empowerment, and well-being. Additionally, they are partnering with those in the nonprofit, academic, philanthropic, and governmental sectors to improve the lives of these older Americans.

Last modified on 03/08/2021

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