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Support for people with paralysis, limb loss and TBI

ACL provides support through programs that collect and share information, and develops knowledge for individuals and their caregivers. 

  • Limb Loss Resource Center (limb loss or difference) - This grant provides education and support about living with limb loss or limb difference, including promoting health and wellness, and preventing or reducing associated chronic conditions.
  • Paralysis Resource Center  - This grant provides comprehensive information for people living with spinal cord injury, paralysis, and mobility-related disabilities and their families. 
  • Traumatic Brain Injury - This program provides grants to states for increasing access to rehabilitation and other services for individuals with traumatic brain injury and the coordinating center provides technical assistance to grantees, along with sharing promising practices.
  • Centers for Independent Living (CILs)  - CILs support community living and independence for people with disabilities of all types. Although specific services and programs vary from center to center based on the needs of the people they serve, all offer programs that can assist people living with limb loss, paralysis and TBI. These services may include: access to psychological counseling, assistance in securing housing or shelter, personal assistance services, transportation referral and assistance, physical therapy, mobility training, rehabilitation technology, recreation, and other services necessary to improve the ability of individuals with disabilities to function independently in the family or community and/or to continue in employment.


Last modified on 12/16/2019

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