Resource Guidelines

The intent of the Nutrition and Aging Resource Center is to support senior nutrition programs funded by the Older Americans Act (OAA) Title III by sharing valuable, evidence-informed resources. The below guidelines outline what resources are appropriate for inclusion on the Resource Center’s website. These guidelines were developed in order to keep the website’s information relevant and useful to the senior nutrition program network.

A resource may be included if it meets all of the following criteria:

  • Aligns with the intent of, and is relevant to, the primary audience of the OAA Title III program recipients (i.e., aging network) to help them enhance their Title III programs.

    • Resources should be relevant to the broadest part of the network; the content should not be so specific as to be limited in usefulness.

    • Resources may also target consumers served by senior nutrition programs (i.e., older adults age 60 years and older).

  • Created, updated, or modified within the last five years.

    • Older resources may be considered if they maintain relevance over time.

    • Resources should not be temporary in nature or expected to expire quickly (e.g., news articles).

  • Produced by a reliable source such as a federal or aging/disability partner organization, ACL grantee, or OAA network provider.

  • Accurate and evidence informed. Materials should not contain opinions or advocate for funding or legislative action.

  • Free and easily accessible to the public (i.e., not behind a members-only section or paywall).

  • Aligned with the purpose of the Senior Nutrition Program.

  • Aligned with ACL mission and priorities.

  • Free of any issues associated with federal endorsement.*

  • Free of any issues associated with copyright, or trademarks.

The Nutrition & Aging Resource Center strives to provide the latest resources and guidance. We encourage visitors to check back regularly for updated information. In addition, resources that no longer meet these guidelines (especially if they are found to be no longer current, accurate, or freely available) will be removed from the resource center. 

*Posting and linking to resources does not constitute endorsement for one organization over another or indicate support for opinions expressed by the organizations. Visit Disclaimer Policy for more information.

The Nutrition & Aging Resource Center is not a direct service provider and does not provide individual nutrition counseling. For information on funding, visit

If you have a resource to suggest or feedback on an existing resource, please email


Last modified on 02/07/2022

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