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Replication Model A

Maryland Department of Aging: Addressing Malnutrition in Community Living Adults, A Toolkit for Area Agencies on Aging

Replication Toolkit: Model A

Model Project Summary: To transform their senior nutrition program, the Maryland Department of Aging used the epidemic of older adult malnutrition as the catalyst to introduce evidence-based practices, cost-cutting measures, innovative meal products, and efficient service delivery methods to forge new health care linkages and expand service to older adults in the community.

Supplemental Resources - Model A

Replication Model B

Iowa Department on Aging: Encore Café

Replication Toolkit: Model B

Model Project Summary: To develop an innovative, replicable service delivery model for congregate meals, the Iowa Department on Aging partnered with Heritage Area Agency on Aging to create the “Encore Café.” This café concept was designed to encourage older adults to participate in congregate meal programs. In particular, the project aimed to attract the younger sub-population of older adults called “Baby Boomers” who had a smaller percentage of participation in recent years.

Supplemental Resources - Model B

Replication Model C

Georgia State University: Senior Nutrition Program Evidence-Based Suicide Intervention Training

Replication Toolkit: Model C

Model Project Summary: To enhance identification and support of older adults with elevated suicide risk or in mental health distress (ESR/MHD), the Atlanta Regional Commission (Atlanta Area Agency on Aging), in partnership with affiliate nutrition service providers and Georgia State University researchers, developed a standardized and manualized suicide intervention to be delivered by nutrition services volunteers. Through a series of related studies, they found that nutrition services volunteers and providers can develop suicide intervention skills, and when they do, use those skills as part of their job role and provide life assisting suicide interventions to the older adults they serve.

Supplemental Resources - Model C

Replication Model D 

Note: Model D funding opportunity was only available in FY22.

Erie County (New York) Department of Senior Services: Modernizing the Congregate Dining Program

Replication Toolkit: Model D

Model Project Summary: To modernize its congregate dining program, the Albany County Department for Aging and the Erie County Department of Senior Services partnered with local restaurants to give participants more flexibility in how and where they dine. Adults 60 or older could eat at any participating restaurant at a time of their choice. The study had a number of positive outcomes, including decreasing feelings of social isolation in older adults. The study also demonstrated the need for more progressive, self-driven services for older adults.

Supplemental Resources - Model D

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Last modified on 05/21/2024

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