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ACL Seeks Public Input on EJCC Priorities

February 14, 2019

ACL wants to hear your best thoughts and ideas for the future activities of the Elder Justice Coordinating Council (EJCC). The EJCC coordinates activities related to elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation across the federal government. We want to know what issues you think the EJCC should prioritize over the next two years.

You can submit comments electronically to with “Thoughts and Ideas” in the subject line through December 31, 2019.

What we are looking for:

Comments, thoughts, and ideas about any aspect of the Elder Justice Coordinating Council. Examples of questions you can address include:

  • How have the EJCC’s past activities benefitted you or your affiliated programs?
  • What activities, tools, resources, or components could most effectively advance elder justice at the state and local levels?
  • How could the EJCC benefit the larger elder justice community?
  • What is the best way to measure the EJCC’s impact and effectiveness?

What we are not looking for:

Please do not use this mailbox to report suspicions of abuse, neglect, or exploitation. Any suspected abuse, neglect or financial exploitation should be reported to your state’s Adult Protective Services. ACL is also not authorized to receive personally identifiable information beyond the contact information of the person submitting input. We will not review any comment that includes any other personally identifiable information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, or Social Security numbers.

Read the full public input invitation.

Last modified on 12/21/2020

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