National Independent Study of the Administration on Developmental Disabilities Programs

The Administration on Developmental Disabilities (now the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities) sponsored a study of three state Developmental Disabilities (DD) Network programs:

  • State Councils on Developmental Disabilities
  • Protection and Advocacy Agencies
  • University Centers for Excellence on Developmental Disabilities

Conducted by Westat, this study describes the achievements and accomplishments of the three DD Network programs on the lives of people with developmental disabilities and their families. The project was divided into two phases:

  • Phase I (October 2005–September 2008) consisted of two activities: (1) the development of study tools for describing the DD Network programs accomplishments and achievements on people with developmental disabilities and their families; and (2) a pilot study to test the accuracy, feasibility, and utility of these tools.
  • Phase II (October 2008–December 2011) implemented the study on a sample of DD network programs using the tools designed in Phase I.


Presentations to DD Network Programs: PPT (169KB) | TXT (13KB)

National Independent Study, Final Report, Dec 2011
Part 1 (PDF, 1.45MB) | Part 2 (PDF, 3.01MB) | Part 3 (PDF, 5.38MB)

National Independent Study Background Fact Sheet

Last modified on 04/26/2017

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