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Notification to Recipients re: Retirement of PMS’ Federal Cash Transaction Reports (FCTRs)

Beginning April 1, 2022, ACL grant recipients are no longer required to complete the cash transaction section

(lines 10a - c) of the SF425 Federal Financial Report (FFR) in the Payment Management System (PMS). New functionality within PMS will pre-populate the information with data reported from grantee’s cash drawdown requests. As a result, this will help reduce burden and redundancy of data entries for recipients. 

This change does not impact reporting requirements and deadlines for the FFRs. ACL will continue to capture award spending information through FFRs. Recipients will continue to follow the reporting requirements and deadlines in the terms and conditions of your award(s).

Please direct questions regarding this change to your program’s Fiscal Contact or Grants Management Specialist.  Your ACL fiscal contact can be found on ACL’s webpage: ACL fiscal contact. Your assigned Grants Management Specialist is listed in Box 9 of your Notice of Award.

Additional and detailed information of this change is listed below.

Key Takeaways and Dates:

Old Requirements to enter FCTRs

Quarter 1 of Fiscal Year (FY) 2022, October 1 to December 31, 2021.

FCTRs must be filed within 30 days at the end of each quarter, i.e., due January 2022. This is the last period recipients are required to enter data into the cash transaction section of the FFR (lines 10a - c) in PMS.

New Requirements – No FCTRs

Quarter 2 of FY2022, January 1 to March 31, 2022.

Beginning April 1, 2022, PMS will pre-populate the cash transaction section using grantee’s cash drawdown requests submitted through PMS.

On the FFR, line item 10a-Cash Receipts & 10b-Cash Disbursements will be populated based on their Cash Drawdown. Recipients will no longer need to enter the cash transaction section (lines 10a - c). Recipients will be able to edit interim data, but not final data, in the cash transaction section.

On or about March 25th of each year, PMS will adjust grantee reported disbursements to equal cash advance drawdowns on all non-closed sub-accounts (PMS type P). Adjustments necessary to close out pooled accounts will be handled administratively.

ACL recipients will be required to certify at the time of each drawdown whether the cash drawdown request is either: (i) reimbursement of actual expenditures; or (ii) an advance for immediate disbursement and assert that award funds are used in compliance with all award conditions and federal statutory requirements.

Last modified on 03/23/2022

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