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May 21, 2019
Greg Link, Director, Office of Supportive and Caregiver Services

Over the next 11 years, 1 in 5 seniors will transition from the workforce to retirement. But that doesn’t mean they’re done contributing to their communities. In many cases, they are just beginning!

Older adults have a lifetime of experience and insight to offer, and their contributions of time and talent benefit families and communities across the nation. Participating as employees, volunteers, mentors, and advocates, they improve our economy and enhance our quality of life. That’s why Contribute is the final word in our three-part theme for Older Americans Month (OAM) 2019: Connect, Create, Contribute.

Older adults strengthen communities in many ways, including:

  • Sharing their skills by teaching or counseling younger people
  • Providing childcare to family members or friends
  • Organizing food drives, community cleanups, and meal delivery services
  • Visiting other seniors to offer help and companionship
  • Joining neighborhood associations to take part in community planning
  • Sharing their stories about history and culture
  • Starting a second career or passion project

Their contributions enhance our communities, and we can return the support by:

  • Volunteering with local community organizations that serve older adults
  • Helping an older neighbor with errands or chores
  • Creating community activities that include people from different generations
  • Hiring older adults
  • Serving on boards or advisory committees that benefit older adults
  • Creating or enhancing programs, services, or personal enrichment activities
  • Participating in their support system

For opportunities to contribute, visit, and for more about OAM, visit

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