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ACL Announces ADA Regional Network Grantees

August 31, 2021

ACL's National Institute on Disability, Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR) is announcing 10 newly funded ADA Regional Center grantees and a new ADA Knowledge Translation Center Grantee. To kick off this new five year grant cycle, NIDILRR will provide the Regional Center grantees and the ADA Knowledge Translation Center a combined $11,924,4944 in FY 2021. The anticipated multi-year funding for this program is approximately $60 million. 

Since 1991, NIDILRR has funded regional ADA Centers to provide ADA training, technical assistance, and ADA-related materials to people and entities with rights and responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act. NIDILRR has also funded the ADA Knowledge Translation Center to support the ADA National Network’s efforts by providing knowledge translation expertise, training, technical assistance, and logistical support. These 10 regional centers, the ADA Knowledge Translation Center, and the ADA Collaborative Research Project comprise the ADA National Network. Additionally, each center conducts research in order to develop new knowledge about barriers to ADA compliance, strategies for its effective implementation, and greater understanding of stakeholders’ need for and use of ADA National Network services.

The 10 ADA Regional Centers and the ADA Knowledge Transition Center grant recipients are:

In a new joint effort, the ADA Regional Centers and the ADA Knowledge Translation Center will participate in, and financially support, a national project entitled Outreach to Underserved Individuals Project: Understanding and Supporting the ADA related Information Needs of Spanish-Speaking Communities in the United States. This project will create a robust outreach program that that increases access to rights for Spanish-speaking individuals with disabilities in the United States. In addition to this joint effort, each of the Regional Centers has prioritized region-specific projects focused on people with disabilities in historically underserved communities. For more details, visit the webpage.

Contact Shelley Reeves at NIDILRR if you have questions about the ADA National Network Program

NIDILRR, part of ACL, generates new knowledge and promotes its effective use so that people with disabilities can perform activities of their choice in the community. NIDILRR also works to expand society’s capacity to provide full opportunities and accommodations for people with disabilities.

Last modified on 08/31/2021

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