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ACL Awards $3.6 Million to Improve Support for Family Caregivers

September 20, 2023

ACL is pleased to announce four new cooperative agreements for ACL’s 2023 grant initiative in support of the 2022 National Strategy to Support Family Caregivers (the Strategy). The project period for these new grants is September 30, 2023-September 29, 2027. The collective award amount is over $3.6 million. Funds for this initiative are drawn from Title III-E formula funds and use the demonstration authority found in Sec 373(i) of the Older Americans Act.

Through these four-year awards, grantees will develop, test, and disseminate new approaches for supporting family caregivers, using the Strategy as a roadmap. Each grantee will focus on one goal within the Strategy:

  • Community Catalyst
    • Goal 1: Increase awareness of and outreach to family caregivers
  • Regents of the University of California, San Francisco
    • Goal 2: Advance partnerships and engagement with family caregivers
  • USAging
    • Goal 3: Strengthen services and supports for family caregivers
  • National Alliance for Caregiving
    • Goal 5: Expand data, research, and evidence-based practices to support family caregivers

At this time, no project has been funded to address Goal 4: Ensure financial and workplace security for family caregivers. To address this important priority, ACL will be issuing a Notice of Funding Opportunity in October 2023 requesting applications that will increase awareness of — and access to — the resources available to address financial and workplace security for family caregivers, as well as identify unmet needs. 

For more information about this new caregiver support initiative, contact  

Last modified on 04/25/2024

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