In case you missed it: Influencers in Aging

October 17, 2017

Just in case you missed it, Next Avenue recently announced their 2017 Influencers in Aging. Congratulations to all of these passionate leaders who are working to improve opportunities for older adults. We are thankful for all of their work, and we are particularly proud of the ACL partners and grantees on this year’s list, including:

  • Gretchen Alkema, Vice President for Policy and Communications at The SCAN Foundation
  • Richard Browdie, President and CEO of the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging
  • Yanira Cruz, President and CEO of the National Hispanic Council on Aging
  • Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, Penn Integrates Knowledge University Professor, University of Pennsylvania
  • Nancy LeaMond, Executive Vice President and Chief Advocacy and Engagement Officer at AARP
  • Wesley Lum, President and CEO of the National Asian Pacific Center on Aging
  • Sandy Markwood, CEO of the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging
  • Keviin Prindiville, Executive Director of Justice in Aging
  • Laura Robbins, Principal at Laura A. Robbins Consulting (LARC)
  • Robyn Stone, Senior Vice President for Research at LeadingAge
  • Daniel Wilson, Director of Federal Affairs for the Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute
  • Carol Zernial, Executive Director at WellMed Charitable Foundation

Next Avenue selects advocates, researchers, thought leaders, and other groundbreakers who expand the traditional boundaries of aging to change our cultural notions of what it means to grow older.

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Last modified on 10/17/2017

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