Comments Requested for AoA’s State Program Report (SPR) Redesign Proposal

November 10, 2016

ACL's Administration on Aging collects annual performance data from State Units on Aging about the Older Americans Act Title III and Title VII (Chapters 3 and 4) programs through the State Program Report (SPR). The agency has been working with the Aging Network to redesign the SPR.

The process has included assessing current data elements for increased utility; identifying and addressing data gaps; aligning data across data collections where feasible; and reducing reporting burden through reductions in data elements, improving the data structure, and enhancing software systems. ACL has taken an inclusive and deliberative approach to the SPR redesign. We are seeking comments on the proposed changes.

To facilitate review and feedback on the SPR redesign we have developed two documents outlining the proposal and created a feedback template. The materials are available on ACL’s new data website that is under development and accessible at

We welcome comment on any aspect of the proposed redesigned SPR and have identified specific areas for which input is needed. Please note that comments already submitted are being tracked. In most cases those comments have not been incorporated into the proposal presented, but will be considered with the comments provided in response to this call for input.

All comments should be submitted via email at by November 28, 2016.

This is one of several opportunities that will be available for Aging Network and other public input. Two formal comment periods through a Federal Register Notice will occur in late winter and early spring.

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