COVID-19 Updates

March 18, 2020

What's new on our COVID-19 page?

Thank you to the aging and disability networks for continuing to share the resources you’re creating for the people we serve. We have added several of them to our COVID-19 page on since our last update. Please keep them coming!

We’ve also updated information about cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. CDC says that current evidence suggests that the virus is may remain viable on a variety of surfaces for hours to days. Although transmission of the virus to people from contaminated surfaces has not been documented, CDC recommends routine cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces as a general precaution.

We have added links to new information from federal partners, including:

  • HHS expansion of telehealth options
  • Information from the Department of Education about protecting the civil rights of students with disabilities

The page now includes the President’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America, too.

Finally, we have posted these FAQs and fact sheets to address specific program issues (these also have been sent directly to our grantees):

  • Fact sheet:  Emergency determination under the Stafford Act
  • Letter to Directors of State Units on Aging and FAQ: Presumptive Waiver Approval for Meals Programs
  • FAQs for Adult Protective Services and Legal Assistance Programs

We also are continuing to tweak the page to make things easier to find. Please let us know if you have any suggestions!

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Last modified on 03/18/2020

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