Funding Opportunity for CILs to Increase Service to Indian Country

July 12, 2016

The Administration for Independent Living (ACL), Independent Living Administration (ILA) recognizes there is a need to develop capacity building within existing Centers for Independent Living (CIL) for serving individuals with disabilities in Indian Country.

Through a new funding opportunity ACL intends to:

  • Gain an increased understanding of service needs of Native Americans with disabilities living in Indian Country;
  • Improve cultural competence in regards to the needs of specific tribal organizations targeted by current CIL grantees;
  • Capture lessons learned and best practices for outreach and service delivery for Native Americans with disabilities, a traditionally under-served population.


To achieve these goals, ACL is seeking applications from existing CIL grantees to develop capacity and demonstrate how to provide the five CIL core services in Indian Country.

ACL, ILA will fund a demonstration project to place Independent Living (IL) Specialists who are culturally competent on the needs of Tribal Communities in the areas that the CIL serves and knowledgeable in IL services for the purpose of developing capacity and providing services in Indian Country.

With this funding opportunity ACL plans to fund three (3) grants for three years with one year budget periods. Each budget period will have a minimum of $200,000 and a maximum of $250,000.

If you are interested, please review the full Funding Opportunity Announcement at (HHS-2016-ACL-AOD-IL-0184 Native American Independent Living Demonstration Project)The due date for applications is 08/16/2016.

If you have additional questions please contact Corinna Stiles at


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