New Funding Opportunity from the Social Security Administration

December 7, 2020

Social Security Administration Funding Opportunity: Interventional Cooperative Agreement Program (ICAP)

This funding opportunity will establish a new cooperative agreement program to allow Social Security Administration (SSA) to collaborate with states, private foundations, and other non-federal groups who have the interest and ability to identify, operate, and partially fund interventional research. Forecasted Opportunity ICAP-ICA-21-001

The research and interventions under this program will target:

  • Increased employment and self-sufficiency of individuals with disabilities
  • Coordination between private and public welfare agencies to improve the administration and effectiveness of the Disability Insurance (DI), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and related programs
  • Assisting claimants in vulnerable populations in applying for or appealing decisions on claims for DI and SSI benefits
  • Outreach to children with disabilities who are potentially eligible to receive SSI

SSA intends the projects to have a five-year project period, with the first year used to execute necessary data agreements, recruit partners, secure additional funding, and other planning activities. If a project meets these milestones in the first year, funding will be continued to implement and evaluate for up to four years. SSA expects at least two awards totaling up to $6 million (combined) in cooperative agreements.

The full request for applications is expected in January 2021, with applications due in April 2021.

Last modified on 12/18/2020

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