Older American’s Act (OAA) Title III-D List Feedback

February 3, 2020

Surveys due Friday, February 14, 2020

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In collaboration with ACL, the Evidence-Based Program Review Council is surveying organizations that have implemented approved evidence-based health promotion and disease prevention programs that meet ACL’s OAA Title III-D criteria.

As part of a re-review of all programs on the current Title III-D approved list, this survey aims to gauge satisfaction with these evidence-based programs:

  • Active Choices
  • Active Living Every Day (ALED)
  • AEA Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program (AFAP)
  • AEA Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program (AFEP)
  • Better Choices, Better Health (online Chronic Disease Self-Management Program)
  • Care Transitions Intervention (CTI)
  • EnhanceWellness
  • FallsTalk/FallScape
  • Geri-Fit® Strength Training Workout
  • Healthy IDEAS
  • Healthy Moves for Aging Well
  • Otago Exercise Program
  • Stay Active and Independent for Life (SAIL)
  • Stress-Busting Program for Family Caregivers

Individual responses will not be shared with program administrators/coordinators. For quality improvement, the Council will compile responses to help identify where programs could enhance implementation.

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