Request for Information: Caregiver Advisory Councils

December 9, 2019

ACL leads the implementation of the RAISE Family Caregivers Act and the Supporting Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Act. Both laws established advisory councils that reflect the diversity of the 43+ million caregivers in America. The councils also include members from federal agencies involved in caregiver issues. As they prepare reports and strategies to support caregivers, the councils would like your input. Please consider sharing your experiences, challenges, successes, and ideas.

RFI: RAISE Family Caregiving Advisory Council

Deadline: February 7, 2020, 11:59 PM ET

ACL is requesting information from individuals and organizations to assist the RAISE Family Caregiving Advisory Council in developing goals, objectives and recommendations for an initial report to Congress and national family caregiving strategy, which are required by the RAISE Family Caregivers Act of 2017. The input will also help the Council plan public listening sessions. See also the Federal Register notice.


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Family caregiving affects those in rural areas and cities, crosses cultural boundaries, and can span generations in a single household. A national strategy must address supporting caregivers of older adults as well as people of any age with long-term care and respite care needs, including people with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Through this RFI, ACL seeks input on a broad range of family caregiving experiences. We would like to learn from you about the challenges faced every day by caregivers. We also want to hear about recommended actions and best practices that can expand or improve existing supports for caregivers.


RFI: Advisory Council to Support Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Deadline: February 7, 2020, 11:59 PM ET

ACL is requesting information to assist the Advisory Council to Support Grandparents Raising Grandchildren in developing an initial report to Congress, which will include best practices, resources, and other useful information for grandparents and other older relatives raising children. See also the Federal Register notice.


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Through this RFI, ACL seeks your input on information, resources, programs, and/or best practices to help grandparents, other relatives, and kinship caregivers:

  • Meet the mental/physical health, education, and nutrition needs of those for whom they provide care;
  • Address pressing concerns such as legal assistance, financial support, and affordable housing; and
  • Maintain their own physical, mental, emotional, and financial well-being.

ACL is also interested in learning about gaps and/or unique needs related to this caregiver population, including:

  • Unmet service and support needs of grandparents, older relatives, kinship caregivers, and children in their care;
  • People impacted by the opioid epidemic or related concerns (e.g., fetal alcohol syndrome, chemical exposure);
  • Meeting the needs of Native American tribes; and
  • Additional federal legislative authority that may be needed to better support and serve older relatives raising children.


Note: These RFI are issued for planning purposes only and should not be construed as solicitations or obligations on the part of the federal government or ACL. ACL does not intend to issue any grant or contract awards based on responses to these RFI.

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