Social Care Referrals Challenge Deadline Extended to January 6

December 2, 2020

Social Care Referrals Challenge Deadline Extended to January 6, 2021

ACL seeks health IT solutions that support partnerships between health care systems and social care providers 

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ACL's Social Care Referrals Challenge competition has received a lot of interest. In order to provide more time for completing submissions, ACL is extending the deadline to January 6, 2021.

As health care organizations increasingly contract with community-based organizations in the aging and disability network to incorporate these services into the continuum of care, the need for interoperable IT infrastructure to connect the partners has become critical. 

ACL will award up to $500,000 in prizes in three phases to teams of “solvers” that create and enhance interoperable and scalable technology solutions that:

  • Incorporate closed-loop referral and follow-up protocols to track and support individuals when they obtain services from any organization or health care provider within the network, using standardized, open resource directories.
  • Securely share standardized social determinants of health data.
  • Produce data at the individual, organizational, and regional levels about referrals, the prevalence of risk indicators, service utilization, gaps in service, and outcomes.
  • Support sharing of information on the individual needs, preferences, goals, and values of the person being referred.

A critical component to achieving these goals of the Challenge includes forming partnerships across a team of stakeholders, including state health and human service leaders. Learn more about how to join a team by viewing this collaboration page.

The deadline for Phase 1 registration and concept & design submission is now January 6, 2021.

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