Solicitation Coming Soon: National Resource Center on Nutrition & Aging

August 25, 2020

National Resource Center on Nutrition & Aging Transitions from Grant to Contract

National Nutrition Services Alert

ACL has announced it will transition funding for a National Resource Center on Nutrition and Aging from a grant to a contract in fiscal year 2020.

Among other benefits, this award will centralize promising practices for nutrition services providers and make the information easy to access. COVID-19 has highlighted the need for enhanced technical assistance and sharing of innovations, research, and promising practices in the field of nutrition related to older adults.

This centralization also helps ACL to prepare to support the HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health during the next update of federal dietary guidelines.  ACL will focus on nutritional guidance for older adults, including identifying information gaps around older adults’ specific nutritional needs.

This critical focus on the nutrition needs of older adults combined with contracting to fund an information hub will enhance the work of state and community nutrition services providers and, in turn, the older Americans whom they serve.

The contract solicitation will be published in the very near future. ACL looks forward to responses that address the full range of nutritional needs of older adults as well as challenges faced by the nutrition services program and nationwide network of nutrition services providers.

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Last modified on 08/25/2020

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