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WEAAD Webinar: Measuring the Impact of Your Event

April 7, 2017

Join the webinar on Tuesday, May 2, 2017, 1:00 – 2:00 PM ET.
Presenters: Karen Stein, Ph.D. and Mary Twomey, MSW

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day provides the elder justice community with an opportunity to draw attention to the issue of elder abuse and to encourage action in each of our communities. Many local and state agencies put a lot of time and effort into staging events for WEAAD, but they may not give as much thought to capturing the impact of these events. Measuring the impact of our WEAAD efforts can provide critical feedback for future efforts and show funders, policy makers, researchers, and others how and why these events are important.

Join ACL for a webinar on how to measure the impact of your WEAAD events using a “logic model” – a visual representation of your activities, outputs, and expected outcomes.

Webinar participants will:

  • Learn what kinds of preparation is needed to measure the impact of an event;
  • Learn how to create a “logic model” for measuring the outcomes of an event;
  • Practice creating a logic model

Learn more and register for this webinar.

And check out the WEAAD 2017 toolkit from ACL and the National Center for Elder Abuse for many more tools and resources to help you commemorate WEAAD in your community.

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