Webinar 2/12: New Opportunities for Youth with Limb Loss in 2020

February 10, 2020

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on Wednesday, February 12 at 11 am ET

ACL’s National Limb Loss Resource center will be hosting a webinar about the Amputee Coalition’s Paddy Rossbach Youth Camp. This event is a six-day, traditional summer camp experience for youth ages 10-17 with limb loss/limb difference. Campers are challenged to increase their independence, test themselves, and build new friendships through fun and exciting activities in a caring and supportive environment

In this webinar, presenters talk about the Amputee Coalition’s annual summer camp program, youth and family training opportunities, as well as the new Youth Con coming in 2020.

Young people living with limb loss and limb difference have many opportunities available for being part of the community. Visit the Amputee Coalition website for more information. 

The mission of the National Limb Loss Resource Center (operated by the Amputee Coalition) is to reach out to and empower people affected by limb loss to achieve their full potential through education, support, advocacy, and the promotion of limb loss prevention. The National Limb Loss Resource Center programs use both traditional and innovative approaches to educate and inform people with limb loss, their family members, health care providers, policy makers, community members, and the general public about limb loss and limb difference. Resources include information and referral by phone and email, support groups and peer support, educational events, and a national website.

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Last modified on 02/10/2020

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