Webinar: Employment First 2.0: Developing a Foundation for Excelling Systems Change Efforts Through Legislative Action

January 6, 2022

Tuesday, January 11
3:00 - 4:30 pm

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Learn how a Center for Independent Living, Able South Carolina, has worked with stakeholders to advance legislation supporting the phase-out of 14(c) sheltered work options for individuals with disabilities. Additionally, hear from a self-advocate that was formerly in a sheltered workshop for over ten years and how competitive, integrated employment has provided meaning and purpose to her life. The California State Council on Developmental Disabilities will also share their experience around proposing and passing legislation to fully abolish the use of 14(c) sheltered work in California. In addition, they will share how they have been collaborating with Disability Rights California, a DD Network Partner, to advance the legislative efforts to end sheltered work and increase competitive, integrated employment.

The ACL-funded Disability Employment Technical Assistance Center provides evidence-based training and technical assistance to the Administration on Disabilities grantees for improving competitive, integrated employment (CIE) and economic outcomes for individuals with disabilities across the nation. Webinars are recorded and posted with supporting materials on the website.

Last modified on 01/06/2022

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