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WINGS Briefing Paper: Advancing Guardianship Reform and Promoting Less Restrictive Options

November 10, 2020

The Commission on Law and Aging of the American Bar Association announces a groundbreaking publication, “WINGS Briefing Paper: Advancing Guardianship Reform and Promoting Less Restrictive Options.” Please forward to your networks.

WINGS (Working Interdisciplinary Networks of Guardianship Stakeholders) or similar groups are working toward improving guardianship systems in 25 states across the country. In 2016, the Administration for Community Living (ACL) awarded the Commission on Law and Aging an Elder Justice Innovation Grant Award to establish, enhance, and expand state WINGS programs. With this generous funding, the Commission funded seven state WINGS pilot programs in Alabama, Alaska, Florida, Indiana, Idaho, Oregon, and Utah.

The WINGS Briefing Paper presents the Commission’s project findings and conclusions about WINGS and (1) describes the challenges of adult guardianship reform and the rationale for creating WINGS; (2) discusses the potential for applying a national Court Improvement Program model to the adult guardianship system; and (3) makes recommendations for next steps in federal policy.

Please direct inquiries to Dari Pogach, Senior Attorney,

Last modified on 11/10/2020

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