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Knowledge Translation Program


Generating new knowledge is central to NIDILRR's mission, but new knowledge that is not used or adopted in some way is unhelpful. The Knowledge Translation Program helps to ensure that knowledge generated by grantees is used or adopted by its intended users, especially persons with disabilities and their families.

Knowledge Translation: The What, The Why, and The How: PDF (354KB)

How to Apply

  • Eligible applicants are institutions of higher education, nonprofit organizations, and other organizations and/or agencies.
  • View a list of NIDILRR funding opportunities and application kits. Note: After clicking on this link, all of NIDILRR’s forecasted and posted funding opportunities will be displayed. To view only Knowledge Translation funding opportunities, type KT in the Keyword(s) box and then select the Search button.
  • As a rough guideline, check the preceding link between October and April every year.
  • View the Guide to Applying for some helpful application tips.


  • View a list of currently-funded  or completed knowledge translation grants.  
  • View of list of documents in REHABDATA produced by Knowledge Translation Grantees. Want to Obtain Documents in REHABDATA?
  • Want to Search REHABDATA, a disability and rehabilitation literature, for knowledge translation publications produced by our grantees, follow these steps: 
    1. Go to the REHABDATA database main search page
    2. Once the page appears on your screen, move down the page with your mouse or repeatedly select/press the "Tab" key until the cursor is in the first "Where" drop-down box below the heading "Search specific fields in REHABDATA for records".
    3. Select/press the "Enter" key to see the list of choices in the drop-down box. Select/press the "down arrow key" until "NIDILRR Grant Number" choice is highlighted. Select/press the "Enter" key to confirm selection of that choice. The choice in the "Where" drop-down box should read "NIDILRR Grant Number".
    4. Now select/press the "Tab" key to move to the "Contains" text box. When the cursor is that box, type "90DPKT*" without quotes.
    5. Finally scroll down (or repeatedly select/press the "Tab" key) to the very bottom of the page until the black "Search" button is highlighted. Double left mouse click the button (or select/press the "Enter" key) to run the search. After a few moments, a page will appear called "Your REHABDATA Search Results". Just below the title of the page, the total number of records in the search is displayed. You can refine your results by using the filter choices in the left margin or you can scroll through the entire set of records by using your mouse or select/press the "Tab" key and "down" arrow keys repeatedly. You can move back up the page by selecting/pressing the "Shift + Tab" key combination.
  • View a list of full-text publications produced by our NIDILRR Knowledge Translation grantees in PubMed Central
  • View a list of NIDILRR Knowledge Translation Videos that appeared on YouTube during the past year. Tip: Once a video starts select/press the letter "c" to enable the closed-captions. Some of the closed-captions for some of the videos are automatically-generated by YouTube while other closed-captions have been hard-coded into the videos.


Contact Linda Vo at NIDILRR if you have questions about the Knowledge Translation Program funding mechanism.

Last modified on 05/08/2024

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