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Section 21 Program

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Section 21 of the 1992 Rehabilitation Act Amendments (29 USC 718) requires NIDILRR to set aside one percent of its annual appropriations to address traditionally underserved populations. It focuses on research capacity building for minority entities, such as Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Hispanic-serving institutions, and tribal colleges and universities. These entities focus on improving understanding about the needs and outcomes of individuals with disabilities from minority backgrounds.

How to Apply

  • Eligible applicants are institutions of higher education, nonprofit organizations, other organizations and/or agencies.
  • To find all funding opportunities under NIDILRR' Section 21 program follow these steps:
    • Go to at 
    • In the Opportunity Number text box type *ST* and in the CFDA text box type 93.433.
    • If you want to see new opportunities, make sure the Forecasted and Posted checkboxes are checked. If you want to see closed or archived opportunities, make sure the Closed and Archived checkboxes are checked.
    • Then left click on the navy-blue search button to run your search  
    • Use the Sort By Drop-down box at the top of the screen to sort your search results. 
    • Locate the Export Results hyperlinked phrase at the top right of the screen. Then left-click on it to save your results to an Excel file. 
    • For more help on searching view's Searching Tips' page 
  • As a rough guideline, check the preceding link between October and April every year.
  • View the Guide to Applying for some helpful application tips.

General Highlights

  • Program activities include assisting minority entities with networking that supports enhanced collaboration between minority entities and non-minority entities, and the exchange of expertise and advanced training across program areas.
  • NIDILRR's Section 21 program includes grants from across NIDILRR's other grant funding mechanisms, i.e., Rehabilitation Research and Training Centers, Advanced Rehabilitation Research and Training centers, Field-Initiated Projects.
  • View a list of currently-funded Section 21 grantees from the NIDILRR Program Database

Results-Oriented Highlights

Program Contact

Contact Shelley Reeves at NIDILRR if you have questions about the Section 21 Program.

Last modified on 06/25/2024

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