Spring 2017 EJCC Meeting

The Spring 2017 Elder Justice Coordinating Council (EJCC) meeting built on momentum metaphors that were developed by the Frameworks Organization. Frameworks developed two metaphors that are design to reframe the individuals thought to toward aging. The metaphors were designed to address the myths of ageism. Ageist beliefs and policies categorize seniors as a homogenous group, ignoring diversity issues and individual needs. Frameworks explored creative ways broaden people's thought on aging; its perspective, ideology and definition. During the meeting, a representative form Frameworks and the National Center on Elder Abuse shared the metaphors with the Elder Justice Coordinating Council and the attendees. The goal of the Metaphors is to live in a society that makes informed choices on policies and practices that address elder abuse and  to help ensure nationwide implementation and impact of the new communication strategy on elder abuse.

Watch a video of the meeting.

Learn more about the Talking Elder Abuse Toolkit on the USC Center for Elder Mistreatment website.

Last modified on 09/09/2020

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