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National Education and Resource Center on Women and Retirement Planning

Authorizing Legislation: Title IV, Section 215 of the Older Americans Act of 1965, as amended.

The Purpose of the Program and How It Works

The National Education and Resource Center on Women and Retirement Planning was established through a cooperative agreement between AoA and the Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER).

The mission of the Center is to provide women with access to a one-stop gateway that integrates financial information and retirement planning, health, and long-term care resources through OAA programs. Often, programs such as OAA Nutrition and Supportive Services programs become critical to the retirement security of older women.

Through the Center, WISER is making user friendly financial education and retirement planning tools available to traditionally hard-to-reach women. This includes average and low income women, women of color, women with limited English speaking proficiency, rural women, and other “underserved” women.

WISER’s strategy for reaching these women and their families is to enlist the assistance of strategic public-private coalitions as volunteers and trainers. WISER’s “Aging Network Advisory Council,” which is composed of representatives of 15 organizations from across the country promotes nationwide outreach on financial education and retirement planning through the formation of these strategic partnerships at the national and community levels. Coalition memberships include national and local women’s organizations, local government agencies, representatives of the business and financial sectors, and the National Network on Aging.

Through these diverse coalitions, the Center is providing women with needed access to financial expertise. Information is offered through financial and retirement planning offerings such as model programs, workshops tailored to meet their special needs, and publications in hard copy and web-based formats. Materials include booklets, such as “Financial Steps for Caregivers,” and fact sheets, such as “How to Start Saving,” available in English, Spanish, and Korean.

The Center’s one-stop gateway is helping women nationwide to access the comprehensive, culturally competent financial and retirement planning information they need to prepare for their futures. Ultimately, the efforts of WISER and AoA are enabling women to attain information that can lead to secure retirements.

Data Highlight: Extensive Services Provided to Seniors

The Center has provided financial and retirement planning information through the following:

  • Workshops: Over the course of its operation, the Center has conducted more than 20,000 workshops on strategies to access financial and retirement planning information for women.

  • Newsletter: During the same period, through their newsletter, WISER disseminated more than 15,000 pieces of financial and retirement planning information tailored to the specific needs of hard-to-reach women.

  • Website: WISER’s newly redesigned website contains information of importance to women in categories ranging from money basics, investments, pensions, and social security to health, caregiving, and long-term care.

  • Interactive features on the website, including “Ask the Expert:” Online access to information from leading financial experts through monthly “Q&A” sessions.

  • WISER Webinars and Blog Posts: Over the past year, WISER has conducted eight webinars. The WISER Blog includes information on the range of financial issues important to women.

  • Publications: Publications include a monthly newsletter, more than 150 fact sheets, booklets, and special reports. Available in Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Vietnamese, the materials present concise, easy-to-understand information on important financial topics.

Funding History

FY 2005: $248,376

FY 2006: $248,376

FY 2007: $245,520

FY 2008: $241,470

FY 2009: $245,520

FY 2010: $245,763


To find out more about the Center and how it can help you and the women in your family plan for a more secure future, visit the WISER website.

Coming Attractions! Watch for WISER’s new “Ask the Expert” feature. It will be online soon. Leading financial experts will be available in monthly Q&A sessions to answer questions about finances, health care, and retirement planning. Have a question? Send it in to

Last modified on 04/25/2023

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