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November 16, 2022

How can states and community-level partnerships increase the number of people who transition from nursing homes and hospitals back to homes in the community? What supports are needed so they can return home or find housing, arrange for services, and fully integrate into community life? What funding sources are used to provide these supports?

Two recent Housing and Services Resource Center (HSRC) webinars addressed these and other questions. The webinar recordings and materials are available for the Working Together to Empower Community Inclusion: Health/Housing/Independent-Living Partnerships and the Community Transitions: Creative Collaborations Move People Home webinars.

To access other webinar recordings and materials, go to the HSRC What’s New page and scroll the list by clicking on the Prior Events bar.

More Resources

The HSRC welcomes your ideas and questions via email at hsrc@acl.hhs.gov.

Last modified on 11/16/2022

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