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We need your help finding the resources — technology, products, programs and services — that can help people connect and engage. Details below!

Commit to connect
Join the Commit to Connect campaign!

To tackle the challenge of combatting social isolation – during COVID-19 and beyond -- the Administration for Community Living pulled together partners from across federal government, the aging and disability networks, philanthropy, and industry.

Together, we have created the Commit to Connect campaign – a public-private partnership that is: building a nationwide network of champions to collaborate on solutions and help us reach more people; developing an online, consumer-focused tool, or clearinghouse, that matches people who are socially isolated to customized suggestions for resources that can help them connect and engage; establishing critical partnerships in communities and across all levels of government; sharing successful initiatives that can be implemented in communities across the country; and more!  

Commit to Connect challenges each of us to do our part -- to connect and engage ourselves, reach out to others to help them to do the same, and work together to create tools and resources. Everyone has a role to play, and everyone is needed!

How can YOU Commit to Connect?

If we all Commit to Connect, we can combat social isolation.  Thank you for joining the campaign! 

Last modified on 12/09/2021

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