Aging Network's Role in Identifying Malnutrition and Abuse

October 7, 2021

Nutrition and Aging Resource Center

Nutrition plays a critical role in community living as we age. Good nutrition can help older adults stave off many illnesses, avoid or shorten hospital stays, and remain active and independent. It is critical to prevent malnutrition before it occurs and identify potential causes, including abuse and neglect. Aging network organizations should recognize the warning signs of malnutrition and elder abuse among the seniors they serve, as they may be the first to identify these situations.
This year for Malnutrition Awareness Week,™ we take a look at the unique nutrition challenges that may arise for older adults, including malnutrition related to elder abuse and/or neglect. Look for the new resource, Identifying Malnutrition and Abuse, on the Nutrition and Aging Resource Center website. This resource shares guidance for senior nutrition program providers to help them identify and respond to malnutrition, and to refer appropriately when signs of abuse or neglect are present, in order to ensure the health and wellbeing of at-risk older individuals.

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Last modified on 10/07/2021

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